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The Richway Corporation's amazing health tool --the Bio-Mat™-- is meticulously crafted of all natural materials: 100 percent quilted cotton exterior with interior cotton batting, lined with amethyst quartz and/or jade, precious stones that collect far infrared light rays and negative ions from the atmosphere. Absorbed by the crystals, these elements radiate warmth and vibration to the tissues, bones and joints of the body, promoting soothing relaxation and DNA repair.

                              Users of the Bio-Mat™ report easing of joint and arthritis pain, deep relaxation and sound sleep, renewed energy, reduced swelling, increased mobility and overall well-being.

Bio-Mat  Benefits

       induces relaxation and better sleep

       reduces stress and hypertension

       pain relief, including migraines & tension headaches

       increases circulation and lymph flow

       reduces inflammation

       aids in sports injury and accident recovery

       helps remove toxins from the body   

                                    energy booster

The remarkable healing and nourishing effects of the Bio-Mat on the body’s tissues and fluids have benefitted people around the globe for over a decade now. More and more users of the Bio-Mat worldwide acclaim its unique properties that renew health, strengthen the immune system and aid the body in restoring cells to optimum functioning.

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